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This deserves to be front paged!

That rain sound was less like rain and more like static annoyance. Still liked it though

I don't know why I was so distracted by the animation of their eyes blinking, but I was. (Was it every 3 seconds or random pattern? Did they double blink ever? Who knows, who cares xD) Also felt like the animation style was Southpark-esque. Chunky but with a bit more motion... Ramble ramble...

if you couldn't tell, I liked it!

slugstudios responds:

Haha that's such a wonderfully niche part of the animation to fixate over, but I love it! No they never double blink, I make certain of that - all the blinks roughly 3 secs apart but positioned so they look natural but don't ever distract from one another...yes I get obsessed with the fine details! :)

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A game and/ or story of such topic deserves more than upvotes and comments from Newgrounds. That being said, the execution was top notch. I didn't care for the motion movement with the cursor (I am one of "those" people with the motion sensory problem) but felt that the effect was necessary, making you (as the player) feel more like the character.

Above all else, I LOVE the art style. It's like a perfect mix of digital watercolor and other art styles I cant think of.

That damn screwdriver... Not sure why I enjoy the monotonous clicking left, right, up, down, a million times on the compass thinking it's going to give me something, but I do. props for having only 3 (or so) cycled in backgrounds.

why even upload it if it's not finished?

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Almost 10 years and I still know the words... You did good.

There's something about simple chord progressions that I like. Listening to this as a straight song and not in the context of per se, HOUSE PARTY! makes it feel very repetitive but that's kinda what this is right? (Could also see this as a song for some kind of beer commercial where there is a slo-mo house party going on as the narrator talks about beer related things, then at the first pause in song cracks beer open and drinks; catch phrase end commercial).

This is seriously awesome! (I find myself playing this on the piano a lot)

How does one acquire more downloads than plays O.o

P.s. This loops perfectly, and I love that!

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I liked it so much it's now my phone lock screen!

awesome dude

very nice and all but the one thing that bugged me was the broom.
at first I thought it was a lamp but then I realized it was a broom :D

Yes, yes I am

I hate baccon but, I'm hungry right now so I could eat that if I wanted to.
Stop making me hungry!!! :D

Taking Minecraft to a whole new level! and stuff

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