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N00b alert!

2014-07-06 16:10:19 by ok63

This is really just a note to myself but im going through my profile and seeing all my comments and stuff from 5 years ago and DAMN! I was a n00b...

and school is out >:D

2010-06-11 21:35:37 by ok63

but now summer school starts from 7:45 - 12:30 mon.- fri.

art: fun, the rest: not fun.

stock market games are fun :D

2010-01-23 20:41:26 by ok63

In my social studies class, were studing the dreat depression. We get to play the
stock market game and it's so much fun (especally when me and my friend are in first place
even though we didn't want to try in the first place :D )


2010-01-12 23:32:10 by ok63


me and zrb

2009-11-12 23:23:38 by ok63

I'm happy now cause he said he's not moving and I think it's offically confermed that we are...
dating :D

zrb or not

2009-11-08 23:39:31 by ok63

in june, a friend of mine from camp move from somewhere to my town, and we have been hanging
out alot ( kinda like dating). now i'm sad cause he say's he might have to move agin.


2009-10-13 21:41:01 by ok63

in the past month there have been 5 birthdays in my family including MINE. (which was 2 days ago .)
I'm now offically 14 :D


2009-10-06 21:35:59 by ok63

Last weekend I got the Beatle Rock Band for my birth day and My friends and I were palying it all weekend long.
By the way, my favorite Beatles song is Yellow Submarine :D

yeyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy for me!!!!!

2009-09-17 23:54:19 by ok63

I tried to make a remix of a song it turned out terreble.
I've tried writing a song for piano. It turned out to be great but, if i put it in the audo portal it get
blamed and deleated so,
I've decided to start learning how to draw people and things.
I've alredy got layout design down (in my oppinion) and redy for a challange :D (if I got time in between Homework)

yeyyyyyyyyyyyyyy :D

2009-08-29 21:15:42 by ok63

only one month and one week till my birthday :D